Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Xfai DEX?

Xfai is a decentralized exchange, based on a new type of double-weighted constant product market maker model. Users are able to trade any asset on the Xfai DEX with minimal slippage, provide liquidity, as well as participate in infinity staking.

What’s the difference between the Xfai DEX and other DEXs

Xfai DEX utilizes a weighted AMM model to entangle its liquidity pools, providing a solution to the issues of fragmented liquidity and high slippage that are commonly experienced on other decentralized exchanges.

What’s the swap fee on the Xfai DEX?

Currently, the swap fee on the Xfai DEX is 0.4%. Of this fee, 0.2% is distributed to liquidity providers and 0.2% is allocated for infinity stakers.

What is Infinity Staking?

Users can permanently lock liquidity into the Xfai DEX in exchange for an Infinity NFT (INFT). INFTs allow users to earn fees from every pool and future pool on the Xfai DEX.

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